Grow your time

Grow your time
14 de June de 2018 Oriol López

Time is a matter of priorities. You cannot manage your time, but prioritize it.

We feel frustrated when we try to implement advice from others during our day, and that’s because all of them are based on a wrong assessment: “Manage your time”.

As Alan Weiss taught me, there’s no such thing as Time Management, but Time Mastery. And not only is that a matter of definition but also concept, that influences our decisions and behavior.

But, that’s not all. Because even having clear priorities is not a guarantee of success. You need something else: action. And action is always thanks to a system that guides us, the sufficient discipline to make it happen and enough flexibility to change when necessary.

In fact, by following my Time Master Diagram you’ll discover how to set a clear time-strategy that works:

  • Even if you have clear priorities and good organization in place, but no discipline, you’ll still feel frustrated again and again.
  • Likewise, if you have clear priorities and good discipline, but no organization, you’ll probably get lost in inefficiencies.
  • If you have systems in place and are disciplined enough to follow them, but shifting priorities, you’ll end up blocked.
  • Only when you have clear priorities, organization in place and are disciplined enough to apply it, you become a Time Master.

And, to do so, we should ask ourselves the right questions in each area.

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