The Proactivist
I help SME’s grow, thrive and build wealth
I am Oriol López, and I am the trusted adviser of business owners, whom I help grow and thrive their businesses, with a clear definition of the strategy and a total orientation to action and continuous improvement. Author of the books “The Proactive Entrepreneur”, “Path to Profit”, “A Firm with Strategy” and “Creating a Successful Company” (not available in English yet), I am one of the most inspiring advisors in the world according to the book “The World’s Most Inspiring Accountants”.
What I do
I work with business owners who want to think and act with a clear strategy in mind, to improve their results and their lives.
How I do it
  • Formulating growth strategies for your business and wealth
  • Creating an action and results oriented culture in your business
  • Improving the priority management of business owners, CEO’s and boards.

Tell me your challenges and we’ll talk about them:

Oriol López Villena
C. Vallcarca, 158
08032 Barcelona

+34 932118296


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